Savannah Woman’s Social Cooking Affair

Do you spend a lot of time wondering what to cook, how to cook, or how to avoid making the same meals every week?
It’s a kitchen conversation one Savannah woman is blending into a social connection to make a positive impact on your life.
“Don’t cry for me Argentina.”
Comia Flynn is earning praise from longtime friends about her new venture.
“Sometimes you have to create your own excitement and entertainment.  So when people say there’s nothing to do in Savannah well guess what now there is something to do new in Savannah.”
Using a dash of style and flavor she reserved this night to launch a social experience of cooking inspiration and knowledge Flynn Style at Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table.
“What I really wanna do bring back fun in cooking and healthy cooking is what I wanna bring back.”
So with a delightful personality and a comedic side Comia’s even adding a little spice by taking her show to periscope.
“Thank you all…I need more hearts”
On the menu for this cooking class asparagus and chicken.
“You tell me when chef…more pepper?”
Chef Darin says this is a great way to connect.
“This day in age everyone says they don’t have time for anything yet everyone needs to eat.
So if you can take the time spend a little time cooking that’s a great way to connect with one another.”
So you get acquainted, have a good time, and you learn something in the process.”
“Presentation is everything.”
this sampling moment ended with Comia’s friends starving for another social cooking class.
“I learned the proper way to make asparagus the proper way to actually cook chicken so that it’s healthy and it’s not fried.  It’s actually sautéed.  It’s something I’ll definitely use at home,” explains “Tonight  just set it off.  Just want to go home tonight and cook something.  It was so awesome ah learning how to from what type of pots to use from the techniques to oils everything was just awesome.  I love it,” says Latecha Eady.
As Comia guests digest this fun experience they leave with a new recipe and some words to live by in the kitchen.
You can have the same experience you just saw there in Comia’s next Sizzling in the Kitchen
event March 26th.
For more information search Cooking Flynn Style

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