Beaufort County BOE to vote on nepotism policy

A new nepotism policy could be passed by the Beaufort County Board of Education on Tuesday night, after months of work and debate on the rewritten policy. This comes after Superintendent Jeff Moss was accused of nepotism, of hiring his wife for a high-paying job in September. After public outrage and protests, the Board decided to re-work its current nepotism policy.

In part, the policy to be voted on in Tuesday night’s meeting states that ‘immediate family members’, defined as a spouse, parents, children or siblings of Board members cannot work in Beaufort County schools without the entire Board’s approval. Also, the school district will assign employees so that an immediate family member does not directly supervise over another. Immediate family also cannot work within the same building or department with each other, or have the same supervisor without the Superintendent’s approval.

That policy has passed two readings so far, with some tweaks to the policy in its most recent reading. Tuesday night is the third and final reading. Click here to view the policy draft.

Stay with WSAV for updates.

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