From Textbook to Tablets: SCCPSS looking to use technology to bring lesson plans to life

Pictured above are Mike Mizelle and Alicia Beck working with students after school.




Are you tired of seeing your children lug their heavy backpacks to-and-from school?

Well, it could be a thing of the past if SCCPSS has anything to say about it.

Some school officials and teachers think that using textbooks is just plain old outdated, not to mention expensive— in our technology-driven world.

News 3’s Courtney Cole visited The Stem Academy at Bartlett on Savannah’s south side, where using iPads for class is something students say changes the way they feel about learning.

Tapping and typing instead of writing and erasing–

That’s what’s happening in classrooms throughout The Stem Academy at Bartlett.

“When I was in school, and when many of us went to school, you had one textbook and therefore [one] resource…And now with the advancement of education, we have multiple resources we can pull.”

And Mark Mizelle, a 7-th grade Language Arts teacher at the academy, says he thinks it’s for the better….

“The teacher has more autonomy and control over how to deliver the curriculum to the students,” Mizelle told News 3.

I spoke to one of the students who seems to agree…

“It just makes really everything at school easier here, even though we’re advanced and stuff, it just makes it seem not as pressured, like you don’t seem pressured to do the work and stuff,” said Ylice Bemlizar, a 7th grade student at The Stem Academy at Bartlett.

And while teachers and students are open to the new way of learning…

“It opens up a whole world where some kids are working faster than others, or maybe accessing the information in a different manner,’ Mizelle said.

He says the kids aren’t the only ones learning something new.

They’re also helping some of the parents facing challenges with the new way of learning, too.

“We’ve had tech nights, especially with our 6th grade classes, where we kind of incorporate the technology and show them what their kids will be using day in and day out,” said Mizelle.

And being out of the loop if you don’t have internet access is not something students or parents have to stress about, either.

“Almost any resource a student needs to work on an assignment at home is given to students while they’re at school and they’re able to download it then with the wifi,” said Alicia Beck, an 8th grade research teacher at The Stem Academy at Bartlett.”

No word yet from school officials on how much it would cost to outfit all  Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools with technology like this…but one thing’s for sure, teachers at The Stem Academy at Bartlett say  although the investment might seem pricey, it is certainly worth it in the long run.

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