“School Choice” Will Begin Feb.1 in Beaufort Co.

February is school choice month, so starting Monday, parents can “shop” and apply for the academic programs that most interest them for their kids, even if those programs are at schools outside their attendance zone.

“We’ve turned all of our schools into schools of choice, so every school has a focus, whether its arts-infused, project based, advanced math and science, so from all of those choices, parents can go on our website, look at all of the descriptors and decide if there is something their child has a talent in,” says Dr. Jeff Moss, superintendent.

For the current year, 2,900students – about 13 percent of the district’s total enrollment – are enrolled in these choice programs. And every school in the district has at least one choice offering, with several offering more than one academic program choice.  Something officials say sets our district apart.

“I don’t know of another school district that have all of their schools as schools of choice, anywhere in the United States. there are many districts that have pockets, of schools of choice, Magnets, some call them other names, but we are the only one that I’m aware of that have turned all 31 schools into schools of choice.”

There is a catch, transportation. Right now, parents must provide their own transportation for their student if they are out of zone. but the district says they are working towards making that a part of the program.

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