Coastal Pet Rescues Saves Four Mothers, 20 Puppies Host Puppy Shower

Photo courtesy of Coastal Pet Rescue.

Who doesn’t love a story about adorable pups being rescued? Coastal Pet Rescue was able to save four mothers and 20 puppies in eight days. The puppies range from one day old to four weeks and most are on special medical care and antibiotics according to a release sent by the company.

Due to the sudden, but happily welcomed, additions Coastal Pet Rescue is hosting a Puppy Shower to help raise supplies and funds for the pups. Many supplies are needed including, name brand dry puppy food, puppy pads, powdered puppy formula, Dr. Brown’s natural flow newborn feeding bottles and exercise pens.

The donations can be dropped off with the Animal Hospital at Rice Hope in Port Wentworth or the Animal House at Live Oak Kennels on Thomas Avenue in Savannah. If shopping online is more your thing, you can order from Coastal Pet Rescue’s Amazon wishlist to have items sent directly.

To help with veterinary expenses, a fundraiser has been set up online. Once the dogs are considered healthy the Rescue will list the available puppies for adoption on their website.

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