2050 Estimate: Oceans will Hold More Plastic than Fish

Plastics can survive for hundreds of years in the ocean.

Did you know that more than 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year?

And each piece of plastic can survive for hundreds of years?

It’s a environmental tragedy that keeps getting worse with time. There are an estimated 165 million tons of the stuff in our ocean today.

Humans are dumping the equivalent of one garbage truck’s worth into the ocean per minute… with projections of four per minute by 2050.

The data was released by the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

It brings with it a scary view of the future ocean… by 2050 we could have more plastic than fish in the worlds oceans by weight.

Right now… the ratio is about 1:5… plastics to fish.

To read the full report… here is the link


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