Blizzard Causes Flight Delays & Cancellations in Chatham County

Delays and cancellations are words for the day for some air travelers due to Winter Storm Jonas

(POOLER) The Coastal Empire and Lowcountry are not bearing the brunt of Winter Storm jonas, but the massive blizzard is having an impact on those hoping to travel by air from the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport. The massive storm is keeping some on the ground in Chatham County, but those who are lined up to fly to areas away from the storm say the weather conditions are not fueling a fear of flying. Thomas Ayala of Savannah says he has no fear of the flight, as his concerns are centered on weather-related set-backs. ” I figure if it’s my time to go then it’s my time to go, but the only thing I’m worried about is delays.” said Ayala.

Delay is what is keeping another Savannah resident in the airport Saturday morning. Jennifer Vangiller is preparing to take her four year old son on his first flight. It was exciting until… ” The blizzard happened, uh, we fly standby, so we just got bumped to the eleven o’clock flight trying to head to Atlanta.” Vangiller said. Delays to Atlanta are being blamed on the ripple effect. Thousands of flights headed to Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern airports have been cancelled from coast to coast. More than a dozen flights to those destinations from the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport are grounded until the storm clears. Vangiller shares her two major concerns about this situation. ” Cancellations and just not knowing, not knowing when you’re getting somewhere and planning things, you know things get bumped and so, that’s how it works out.” Vangiller said.

While cancellation and delay are the two words of the day for air travellers, Ayala says he is winging his way west to find Mountains of snow. Destination: The Rocky Mountains. ” Denver, Breckenridge, Colorado, goin’ out there and try my luck on the white stuff. It’s gonna be great skiing.” Ayala said, adding that his only delay at Savannah Hilton Head International Airport, was the time it took to stop and grant an interview before boarding his flight. Air carriers in Georgia and across the country are urging anyone with a flight planned this weekend to contact their airline to check on flight status for delays or cancellations. Winter Storm Jonas is expected to clear out by Sunday.

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