Shooting at Fellwood Homes Sends Woman to Hospital

Metro Police responded to reports of a shooting at the Fellwood Homes Thursday night.

When they arrived on scene officers said they found shell casings from two different guns and a woman in her mid-40’s who had been shot in the shoulder.

The woman was transported to the hospital with injuries considered to be non-life-threatening; officers said they don’t believe she was targeted and was struck accidentally.

Bullets also hit a car and one of the apartments.

The incident is still under investigation.

At the same time, Savannah Fire responded to Sustainable Fellwood for a damaged sprinkler system. Around 60 residents were evacuated due to spilling water also forcing the electricity to be cut off. The American Red Cross was on hand to make sure residents had somewhere to stay.

The Savannah Fire Marshal examined the damaged system later. He said he can’t identify the cause of the damage, but it doesn’t appear to be related to the shooting.





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