HH Island School for the Creative Arts Students Earns Recognition at National Arts Festival

With more than 5,500 people from over 120 schools and community theaters across the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts stood out and took home an award for excellence from the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta.

Being the world’s largest celebration of musical theater for young people, the international arts festival hosted twenty-six third through fifth graders under the direction of teacher Angelo Cerniglia from Creative Arts. They competed and earned honors from the judges for their 15-minute musical theater performance.

Two Creative Arts students were chosen by the judges as “All Stars”, were able to work with other All-Stars on a performance on the festival’s main stage, according to a release sent by Director of Communications Jim Foster.

The two Creative Arts All-Stars were Laurel Watkins and Grant Pagatpatan. Three other students- Allison Bracken, Kendal Corella, and Jack Gibson were also selected for another performance on the main stage.

Creative Arts Principal Gretchen Keefer called the festival a highlight of her professional career and said the school would work to send student performers each year.

“Our students and teachers were simply outstanding,” Keefner said.  “The competition was wonderful, and our students really got into the master classes. It was exciting to watch.”

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