Car Chase Leads to 2 Arrests in Savannah

On Thursday evening, a car chase through the streets of Savannah ended in a rollover crash and two arrests.

According to Georgia State Patrol, a Chatham County Sheriff’s Deputy was attempting to make a traffic stop for a speeding driver on MLK blvd when the driver would not pull over, and the chase began.

GSP joined the chase which eventually led them to the corner of Cornwall street and Stella avenue; there, the driver of the car crashed into another car, causing the second vehicle to flip over.

The driver got out and attempted to run away from the scene. After repeatedly telling him to stop, a GSP trooper used a Taser to take him into custody.

One of the passengers, who had warrants out was also arrested; a third passenger, a female, was not taken into custody.

An older man inside the vehicle they struck was transported to the hospital complaining of chest pains, but his injuries are thought to be minor.


*This article has been corrected, an earlier version said there had been three arrests instead of two.

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