Beaufort-Port Royal Firefighters Encourage Kitchen Safety

Beaufort-Port Royal firefighters are encouraging everyone to use a little more awareness when using the kitchen.

“Most injuries that happen in the kitchen, is from that human interaction. We see that fire and panic, and try to move this pot from the stove to the sink to extinguish it. The best thing to do is leave the pot where it is, cover it to smother the fire, remove the heat, and dont touch it until the fire extinguishes itself,” said Captain John Robinson.

Robinson tells NEWS 3, its a good idea to leave an oven mitt and pot top out on the counter in the event you need to smother a fire.

He says the biggest thing people can do is stay focused and pay attention when cooking something. And call the fire department immediately if a situation arises. he says above all make sure you have one life-saving device, and that it works properly.

“One of the most important things folks can do in their homes is have a working smoke alarm. That early awareness that something is wrong, is the best way to make sure we can mitigate a situation or at least get everyone outside safely.”

Robinson says that its important to have fire extinguishers handy and also focus on oven and microwave safety–he says the best thing to do if there is a fire in either one–just leave the door shut and let the fire put itself out. above all do not open the doors.

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