Lady’s Island woman loses house and dog in space heater fire

Two women are without a home, after their house on Lady’s Island was destroyed by fire on Tuesday night.

Just after 8 p.m., the Lady’s Island St. Helena Fire District responded to the flames on Sam’s Point Road, caused by a kerosene-fueled space heater.

The homeowner, Honcho Green, says she was trying to refuel the heater, and used gasoline by accident. Her clothes caught fire, when flames exploded. Another woman staying with her was also injured, but both are recovering. They did lose one pet, a dog whose name was Pickles.

“It was a, just a disaster, you know. I tried to out the fire with my hand and got burned up. My face got burned up, and if I didn’t have on the thermal underwear, my legs would be burned. You know, I was on fire, completely. I was on fire. You know, I didn’t have a chance to save my dog, because I was on fire it just blazed up,” Green says.

Firefighters are urging those who use space heaters to use extreme caution.

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