Bluffton Launches New Property Tracking Program

Bluffton, SC  (WSAV) – Bluffton’s bringing a new tool to town and they hope it keeps thieves out.

It’s small as a spec of glitter, but what it can do is huge.

“From a deterrent aspect, we’re hardening targets,” Bluffton Police Chief Joey Reynolds said.

Bluffton Police hope ProTechDNA  is the latest tool in  fighting the most common crime in the town- property theft.

“Almost 300 larceny cases last year,” Reynolds said at a press conference launching the program Wednesday.   “And of those, very few of those were we able to return their property.”

Here’s how it works—

A kit including clear adhesive stickers is now sold at the Heuser ACE hardware and Bluffton Bicycles.

Inside you get 75 to put on your jewelry, bicycle, lawn tools…whatever is of value.

Then, you register your kit and make a PIN.  After that, the police have a way to find  your items or you if they recover the item after a theft.

“As a bicycle leaves a particular area or business and comes within a particular distance of the business or program it will actually trigger an alert to law enforcement, the user, the location of where that property was last seen,” ProTech President Shawn Andreas said.

Hopes are people who live in Bluffton will sign on, but mostly…thieves will get the word not to bother coming to town.

“We’re always looking for new ways to solving old problems.  We’re making it where people don’t want to steal products or property in our town because it may be tracked,” Chief Reynolds said.

Bluffton PD is the first agency in South Carolina to sign on to the program.

It’s no cost to them- but a kit costs $35 for the customer.

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