How Air Pollution Could Harm Your Chances of Having a Baby

Living within a tenth of a mile from a main road ‘increases risk of fertility by 11 percent,’ latest study claims.


Scientists (Boston University) say living in the city could harm a woman’s fertility.  In the city, there can be high levels of air pollution and traffic fumes.  Furthermore, city dwellers are far more likely to have fertility problems than those who live in the country where the air is cleaner.

Researchers, however, said the increased risk of fertility problems was only slight.

The study done at Boston University followed more than 36,000 women from 1993 to 2003.

Scientists looked at air pollution and traffic exhaust near the women’s homes to see if there is a link between the air they breathed and their ability to conceive.  During the study time frame, there were nearly 2,500 reported cases of infertility.

Women who lived about a tenth of a mile of a major roadway were 11 percent more likely to experience fertility issues, the study found.

While the risk may be a slight increase, some experts believe this could lead to a global health problem.

For now, some doctors say… if you are trying ton conceive, you need to avoid living near major roads with high traffic.  If this isn’t an option, pay attention to air quality advisories and when you spend time outdoors.

(sources:  Journal in Human Production)


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