Pritchardville RV park proposal: some neighbors fear it a crime magnet

The site of a potential new RV park in Pritchardville is garnering the attention of community leaders, including School Board member Evva Anderson. Property owners of the 35 acres at Huggins Hollow Lane and Gibbet Road want to turn the land, now a mobile home park, into a campground for families. However, neighbors are concerned over traffic and safety impacts.

“There’s so much beauty here…the oak trees, they’ve been here for years. Our family has owned this property for over 100 years,” property agent Deanna Hubbard says.

Hubbard has gone before Beaufort County Council twice, proposing the park. Both times, the vote has passed to go ahead with the park.

“We’d like to offer it, for people to come in, as an RV resort, with their family members,” Hubbard proposes.

At the second meeting on January 11, Pritchardville neighbor Evva Anderson spoke-out on her wishes against such an operation.

“You don’t really know the types of activities, other than a high, could potentially be a high traffic, for one thing,” Anderson says.

Her first worry is that the high volume of people coming into and going out of the property with campers would create heavy traffic, and damage properties along the narrow road.

“There’s always going to be traffic, no matter what,” Hubbard says on the matter, “to be punished for wanting to do something with my property that we pay taxes on just like anyone else, I think is very unfair.”

Then, Anderson warns of unfriendly company the park could bring, creating a potential crime increase in the generally quiet area, where multiple residential communities with children sit, bordering the property.

“One of the uses they’ve said they’re going to do, which is a campground, which would create a large transient number of persons within our community,” Anderson says.

“I feel silly that I have to defend RV owners because I want to do a nice change here to my family’s property,” Hubbard says.

A third meeting, a public hearing, is set for January 25 at 6:30 p.m. Anderson hopes to attend with more of her neighbors in opposition to the park.

“I’m going to fight until the bitter end, because this is my community, and I care about the people who live here,” she says.

Council is expecting a more in-depth report on the project plans then.

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