Lavish Lounge Savannah Supports Small Businesses

Behind every small business there’s a story worth knowing.
It’s for the brave, the patient, and the persistent.
It’s for the newcomer.
Meet a Savannah woman who is stepping out on faith with her business and promoting others.
“Coming back home to Savannah has been the best that it’s been in any endeavor that I’ve had.”
Jelon Smart’s has a lot to smile about.
After having her catering business in New Jersey, Atlanta, and Warner Robins she realized there’s no place like home.
“Coming back home more mature and ready to start a business the city has shown a tremendous amount of love.”
Her success in hospitality results in what smart preferred– to have her own business here- Cocktail Hour Catering and Event Consulting.
The idea — serve others through her creativity with food.
“I love to cook no doubt, and Cocktail Hour is about cooking and presenting great meals as well, but it also comes with the feeling that you get from the company not just the food prepared.”
Professional and personable, as Smart builds her business she’s giving back to other business owners with a big event called Lavish Lounge- The Ultimate Ladies Night Out.
“What I’ve learned in the business world is it just takes a village.  Every opportunity that I have to showcase my business I want to do that,and this was my opportunity to provide that for other people as well.”
Smart believes to be successful you have to have your heart in the right place.
“I have the heart of a servant.  It’s okay to give and not expect anything in return.
Just do it out of the goodness of my heart.”
The Lavish Lounge Savannah is taking place Saturday, January 23rd.
It’s being held at The Hunter Club on Hunter Army Airbase.
Dozens of local vendors will be selling everything from jewelry to housewares.
For more information use type “Lavish Lounge in the search box on

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