Garden City Police Search for Forgery Suspect

A wanted man is on the run and Garden City Police tell News 3 he has already stolen hundreds of dollars.

He’s taking advantage of a system called ‘Comcheks,” which are intended to help truck drivers while they’re on the road and in need of money for things like repairs or fuel.

But GCPD Detective KPic 2enneth White said they’re also easy ways to scam trucking companies.

“This has occurred on many occasions where individuals will call in asking for assistance for an accident and then all of the sudden they find out it was a bogus scam,” said White. He also said that’s exactly what happened in December.

“The caller identified himself as a state trooper and stated that he wanted {the dispatcher} to talk to his driver because hiComchek-Graphic-8001s driver was in an accident.”

So the dispatcher gave the man on the phone an express code for a Comchek.

Once a driver gets an express code for a Comchek, they take it to a shop or bank and call Comcheck again for an authorization number.

Once they have both numbers, the check is worth however much the dispatcher approved; in this case, $998, cashed at the Pilot gas station in Garden City.

White said the man then attempted to drive to the Pilot in Port Wentworth to cash another check but the dispatcher had already figured out what was going on.

“He tried to call Pic 1his driver from the number that he had and he stated that he was not in an accident.”

Do you know this man?

If you do, call Garden City Police 912-966-7777 or 912-966-7770.

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