2 winning Powerball tickets drawn in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– Although the winning Powerball jackpot tickets weren’t drawn here in Colorado, some people are celebrating getting part of the prize.

Five people in the state won $100,000 and 10 others got $50,000 by getting 4 of the 5 winning Powerball numbers.

Two of those lucky lottery tickets were drawn in Colorado Springs.

It’s an exciting time for the employees at the 7-11 at 7692 Barnes Road.

One of the 2 winning tickets in Colorado Springs was drawn from their machine.

“We’re so happy for the community, for our customers. They deserve it. We have awesome customers,” manager Yvette Kuhn said.

And now one of them is $50,000 dollars richer.

“It’s awesome because you know you dream about it, and I hope it’s somebody that deserves it,” Kuhn said. “I’m sure it’ll make their life a lot easier.”

Yvette says once people found out how big the jackpot was, they packed her store for Powerball tickets, and she was shocked when she heard one of them actually won.

“It was awesome just having the customers get excited, telling you their dreams so, somebody’s dream came true!” Kuhn said.

The other winning ticket was worth $100,000 and was drawn at the 7-11 at 1904 West Uintah.

Since they sold the winning tickets, both of the stores will get part of the prize.

“I’m glad it’s our store. We’re waiting for our big check!” Kuhn said.

Kuhn isn’t sure exactly how much money the store is getting yet.

She says they’re hoping to get the check tomorrow.

The owner of the franchise decides what to do with the money.

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