Beaufort Noise Ordinance to Be Discussed Again

Noise levels in downtown Beaufort are once again the topic of conversation among lawmakers.

City council will review its ordinances tonight at its first work session of the year. This is the second time since 2013 that the noise levels in downtown have made headlines. Last time, council voted on stricter enforcement of its noise ordinance. But, this time, Mayor Billy Keyserling says, so far its just a review of current policies.

For Paul Thompson–owner of Panini’s on the Waterfront–he says that’s a small comfort who has seen a huge dip in his bar business since the laws were enforced back in 2013. And he’s worried what this could mean for his business, if there are more restrictions.

“IIt will seriously impact any restaurants ability to maintain business down here, our rents. I think overall, it will decrease our evening traffic even more, which is the problem. Daytime traffic is  pretty good most times, but at night downtown does suffer.”

Thompson tells me that since 2013, when his outdoor music was limited–the bar revenue has seen almost a 30% drop. and he thinks any more restrictions could be devastating to not only his business but the downtown Beaufort economy.

The City Council’s work session begins tonight at 5 P.M. at City Hall. Mayor Keyserling tells me that he doesn’t think any action will be taken tonight.

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