Savannah woman shares diet success on national TV

A Savannah woman appeared on the nationally syndicated “The Dr. Oz Show” this week.

Tracy Chance was among a group of about 20 women asked to be in the test group for the Day-Off Diet, the newest weight-loss plan touted by Dr. Oz.

Dr Oz said the plan focuses on eating protein in the morning, lots of vegetables, some lean meats and even some charbohydrates, like whole-grain bread, in the afternoon. It allows one day off where participants can eat anything they want.

Chance told News 3 an injury to her feet and hands in 2014 left her with limited mobility and she packed on 30 pounds. She had recovered by this past August and reached out to friends on Facebook, looking for diet ideas.

“I just one day woke up and stepped on that scale and went, ‘Yuk,'” said Chance about her weight gain. “None of my clothes fit, I had no energy so I started looking around for a diet.”

It turned out, one of her friends was a producer for “The Dr. Oz Show.”

She didn’t know it at the time, but her participation in the test group would lead to an appearance on the show. Chance helped Dr. Oz explain the finer points of the plan and how it worked for her.

“Think of the diet as a menu and you have certain things you can pick from and you want to pick from the healthy things, not the bad things,” said Chance. “This diet has taught me to look at a menu somewhere and pick the healthier choices – instead of getting the mashed potato thing, you get the steamed vegetables.”

That is of course, except the weekly day off. Chance has lost 24 pounds so far and she said she has eight more to go.

Step-by-step instructions for the diet can be found here.

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