Obama’s gun control may create gray area

LADSON, SC — Gun control quickly turning into one of the defining political issues of 2016. However, it’s business as usual at ATP gun range and shop Ladson.

The holidays are over but the demand for firearms remains steady. The phones seldom stop ringing inside the store where they have as many 6000 firearms for sale at any time. “We’re expecting a little bit more of a pick up especially after the proposed changes that Obama made yesterday,” said Eric Brown of ATP.

Brown says President Obama’s order does not influence much at gun retailers but warns that it may broaden the definition of who is a dealer. A definition that the courts typically decide. “Most individuals don’t see themselves as a business when transferring a fire when they want to sell the gun even to a friend they don’t see themselves of the business they don’t consider that a business transaction,” said Brown.

Legal experts around the country have chimed in since Obama’s order Monday. Former South Carolina Judge Alex Sanders says Obama’s proposition should not insight the opposition. “I thought that they would be pleased that he has done so little,” said Sanders, “as I understand what he’s accomplished is not much at all.”

Back at the gun shop, Eric Brown says private person to person sales will likely continue until Obama’s executive order defines a “dealer.”

“I don’t see an individual to individual here fill this out” said Brown pointing to a several page long background check.

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