Weather Wise Kids: Where are some of the coldest places to live?

Question from 9-year-old Ava

Well Ava, the coldest place on earth is Antarctica, where at one time it dropped to minus 128.6 degrees.

That’s simply just too cold!

So here in the United States… here are the top three coldest places to live.

First, International Falls, Minnesota.  About 7,000 people live here.  It sits on the border between the United States and Canada.  Winters are long and cold.  The average temperature in January is only 2.7 degrees.  It hits zero on more than 60 nights a year, and it gets about 65 inches of snow each year.

Next is Fraser, Colorado.  Fraser sits at 8,574 feet in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  It’s home to only about 900 residents, and it’s near the popular ski area of Winter Park.  Even during the summer, the average overnight low is 29 degrees.

Finally, the third city is Barrow, Alaska.  It’s the northernmost city in the United States.  It’s only 1300 miles south of the North Pole.  The small town is built on permafrost, and winters are super cold and windy.  The sun sets in November and doesn’t reappear until the end of January.







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