Preventing Animal Abuse

Following a move by Tennesse, Georgia may be one of the next states to start a state-wide animal abuse registry.

Put into effect on January 1st, the registry in Tennessee works exactly like a sex offender registry.

If you’re convicted of any animal abuse in in the state starting this year, your name, picture and even your birthday and address will be added to the list.

Chatham County Animal Control Supervisor Christina Sutherin tells News 3 we might not be far from having a similar animal abuse registry here in the Peach State.

“There is a wonderful set of attorneys here in Georgia that has started the Animal Law Source and they are working on an animal abuse registry here in Georgia,” said Sutherin. “That is something that will be invaluable to the rescue groups and will be able to reach out and share a lot of data.”

The Tennessee database begins at the same time the FBI is starting to track animal abuse cases like they do other major crimes; instead of being thrown in with other “miscellaneous” crimes, it’s now its own category.

“Over the next 5 or 6 years, police departments, researchers and the FBI are really going to be able to see if there are trends, where our resources need to be, where our education needs to be, where they need to start with that,” said Sutherin. “It’s going to be an invaluable resource in animal welfare in the long-run.”

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