It Was Freezing Again This Morning!

We hit 31° this morning in Savannah, which makes it the coldest morning so far this season! After dropping to 32° yesterday, it’s starting to sink in that winter is here. After an all-time record warm December, so warm that we only had two mornings that dropped into the 30s (December 19th & 20th were 33° and 32° respectively) we are being quickly reminded that winter is not over yet.


It’s been a while, 319 days to be exact, since we’ve been in the 20s in Savannah. The last time was February 21st when we dropped to 29°. But, you cold weather lovers, don’t worry, there are still 73 days until spring officially starts (March 20th in case you don’t feel like doing the math); plenty of time for us to chill out even more.


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