UPDATE: Human Remains Still Not Identified

UPDATE: It will be several more weeks before we know the identity of the bones found in Effingham county this weekend.

The human remains were found off Rahn Road in Rincon Saturday.
Effingham County Sheriff’s sent them to the Medical Examiner, but there wasn’t enough evidence to make an identification.
Now they are in the hands of a forensic anthropologist in Texas for further study and a possible DNA match.


EFFINGHAM COUNTY, GA (WSAV) – Skeletal remains were found Saturday along a back road in Effingham County. The body was found along Rahn Station road just north of Rincon. At this time, the sheriff is ruling possible foul play and he says it is on it’s way to be examined at the county crime lab.

The sheriff says they have been on scene recovering remains since five in the afternoon Saturday.

“A guy was looking for firewood in the area, fat lighter in the area and I think he was on a four wheeler riding through the area and just rode up on it,” says Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie.

The homeowner tells Effingham officials the land is rarely used throughout the year. Deputies and crime scene investigators found bones above and buried around the area.

“Usually hunters and stuff like that are about the only ones who come through here. so probably only two to three times a year would be all anybody would be in here,” says McDuffie.

The sheriff says no clothing or items were found with the remains. He believes forensics will show that they have been buried for some time now.

“It’s been here a good while, some of the bones were starting to deteriorate so it’s been here a good while.”

The sheriff’s office has two missing persons cases they are anxious to see if these remains match. McDuffie says the body will most likely be examined over the next couple of days by the county coroner and eventually by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

“Hopefully if there is any DNA on the missing person database we can recover it there. the bones will be taken to the crime lab, and probably go to Atlanta.”

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