Clinton Says Stop “Mean-spirited rhetoric”

OSAGE, Iowa — Hundreds in Osage welcomed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in her tour of north Iowa on Tuesday.

With only weeks before the Iowa caucus-goers get a chance to cast their vote, Clinton is solidifying her stance on issues that concern Iowans and the country.

Meeting Clinton was one thing, but hearing how she’s managed to stay focused on the issues is what drew Helen Burrington and her daughter to the fire station in her hometown of Osage.

“I just didn’t want to miss this opportunity or my daughter to miss it because it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hopefully meet the next president,” she said.

Clinton begins by addressing health care and why she believes we need to build on the efforts of President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act.

“I think we should build on the Affordable Care Act, not rip it up and start all over again. Republicans have voted to repeal it now 60 times. They may actually get a bill to the president’s desk,” Clinton said.

Clinton says at this point, she would expect Obama to veto any such legislation aimed at taking down the Affordable Care Act.

She went on to comment on the issues of gun control reform, which continues to be a controversial issue across party lines.

On Tuesday, Obama announced policies meant to ensure only responsible adults can own and possess guns. Instituting mandatory background checks for the sale of all guns is a matter of public safety, Obama says.

“I am in favor of comprehensive background checks because I do think we have to close the gun show loophole, or the online loophole or the Charleston loophole,” Clinton said.

Clinton went on to say she would restrict those on the no-fly list from buying a gun.

“She actually wants to help change America — not by throwing out rude comments or talking about people behind their back,” said Laurel Burrington.

“We shouldn’t engage in mean-spirited rhetoric, insults and demeaning one another,” Clinton added.

It’s that same message of bipartisanship that Clinton says the next leader of our country will need — something she says she strives to accomplish each day.

“I will do anything to find common ground. I did it as first lady, I did it as a senator, I did it as secretary of state,” Clinton said.

Clinton also addressed the threat of radical terrorism by saying we need to be more inclusive with Muslims living in our communities. She hopes by starting a conversation, we can avoid alienating those who practice Islam.

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