University helping Clemson students, faculty missing class to attend big game

Lots of Clemson fans are making plans to travel cross-country to Arizona for the National Championship Monday.

School is back in session this week, meaning missed classes in order to see the game in person. But fear not, the University is actually helping get them to the game.

All season Tigers fans have been a strong orange presence at every football game.

“There’s always the one little section of the other team and then we’re like surrounding it with Clemson,” said Katie Tobik, a member of the Clemson Tigers Band.

Once the team solidified their move on to the National Championship game in Arizona, Clemson University students and faculty jumped at the chance to get tickets.

“Everybody is looking forward to the game even if they’re not big football fans,” Evan Huit, Clemson Freshman. “Just being Clemson fans in general, it’s incredible to be recognized on a stage like that.”

But tickets aren’t cheap and class starts back Wednesday. So for many, the trip just isn’t an option.

“Every Tiger fan there will be there for me. I will be there in spirit and watching from a TV screen cheering on my tigers,” said freshman Alexis Ferguson.

For those who can go, classes will likely go unattended Monday and Tuesday.

“It is still too surreal. I still can’t believe we are going to Arizona,” Tobik added.

“It is an adventure of a lifetime,” Jonathan Broyles said, Clemson Band member.

So the university is doing what it can to fill the stadium up in orange and purple without hindering academic requirements.

Clemson leaders have asked teachers to go be flexible for students who are traveling to the game by excusing absences and or more out of class work.

“Our education is important but this type of stuff doesn’t happen every day,” Ferguson. “For us to support them, that is a good thing.”

Teachers are also asked to give extra assignments to replace missed lectures so they can also cheer from the stands.

“To be able to go to the game or watch the game, it is important to keep the Clemson family together,” Tobik said.

We checked to see if grade school districts in the Upstate are making exceptions for students who will be absent for the game. We’re told the normal absentee procedure will be followed. But parents are encouraged to let their principals know if they’ll be out of class Monday.

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