Smart Traffic Signals coming to Pooler

Pictured above are drivers waiting at a red light at one of the busy intersections in Pooler on Tuesday, January 5, 2016.


You’ve heard it before—

“Everything’s cooler in Pooler….” Well, except for the traffic that is…

But city officials are looking to change that with some new technology aimed at making your drive easier.

News 3’s Courtney Cole has the story.

This is a familiar site for anyone who’s ever driven on Pooler Parkway…

Cars, cars and more cars!…But the traffic is not just due to the amount of people on the road…but also the way the traffic lights work.

“…And in the Pooler Parkway area near 95, near the north end, we have where it bottlenecks where it goes toward 95 and it backs up down pooler parkway,” Said Mayor Mike Lamb of Pooler.

But in the coming months, that could be a thing of the past after new “Smart Signals” are installed.

“And we’ve got 5 red lights starting at 95, coming back that we’ve already designated to put that in place. And we have a 6th red light we’re going to put in there in the meantime,” Mayor Lamb told News 3.

Created by Kansas-based company called “Rhythm Engineering” the signal reads traffic in real time and adjusts to the best conditions for drivers.

“So what it does is, it decreases the amount of time lights will be red on pooler parkway,” Lamb said.

Right now, traffic lights have fixed-sequences programmed into them—much like timers–and they unable to adjust to the ever-changing conditions.

“I think what it’s going to give you, the experience is that I could shave off um..maybe at least 25 percent of the time to 50 percent of the time, but I can’t guarantee that,” Lamb said.

But he does guarantee the signals will make your commute a whole lot safer.

“And the most important thing is to make it safe for everyone, that’s the primary thing and the next thing is to make it move, quickly!” Lamb said.

The Mayor and City Manger of Pooler tell me that each traffic signal would cost about $50,000 dollars.

They’ve already been pretty successful in 31 states and the following Georgia cities: Augusta, Dallas and Evans.


For more information about Rhythm Engineering and how the “Smart Signals” work, click here:



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