Savannah Woman Advocating for Safer City

Playing a role in stopping crime and changing lives is all about caring.
As violence plagues Savannah, it seems more people are watching out for their neighbor, calling police when they witness a crime, and stepping up to make a difference.
I feel it’s important to recognize the work one woman is doing to address the issue.
Savannah’s Teia Acker told me the spike in crime motivated her to  organize a summit for youth called Be The Change.
“I just felt like maybe we could use this to spin what’s going on.  Maybe we can provide an outlet or an avenue or talk to these kids one on one to find out what is really going on in their minds.”
Acker believes reestablishing communication with today’s youth is critical.
“We’re trying to open it where we have volunteers who are professionals in their realms but they’re also street savvy.
We need to be able to reach them on the level that they’re on.  Time has changed.  Technology is advanced and we cannot take the same basic principles that we’ve used in our generation to apply to this generation because we’re gonna loose them.”
Be The Change Youth Summit is set for Saturday, January 16th from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the West Broad YMCA.
It’s free and open for ages 11 to 16.


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