Returning to routine after the holidays

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) – The holidays are in the rear view and it’s the first full week of 2016. For most of us that means back to the regular routine of work or school whether we’re ready or not. Many people have mixed feelings about moving forward into the new year.

Whether you want to hold onto the holiday season or it’s really more of a headache, there’s no doubt that it’s a busy time of year.

“Actually it’s a bitter-sweet feeling because I’m going to miss hanging out with a lot of my family and friends,” said Marcus Scott which sitting down for coffee at Theo’s Java Club in Rock Island.

“Over the many years I’ve learned to kind of enjoy the holidays and not stress myself out,” said Toby Brown who was doing the same thing.

It’s easier said than done for others though. Experts say many people have unrealistic expectations going into this time of year: planning the perfect party, giving a great gift, or mending troubled relationships. But it doesn’t always go as intended.

“They’re very sad about that, come away feeling very disappointed. They didn’t have the holiday they wanted,” said Jeff Kranz, licensed clinical social worker with Family Counseling & Psychology in Rock Island.

While many people enjoy extra time with family and friends, it can be draining depending on your personality.

“People replenish differently emotionally too. A more introverted person likes to have time by themselves,” added Kranz.

Lack of exercise and eating more tends to impact people too. On the flip side, if you can’t get enough of the holiday season getting back into the swing of things afterward can be just as tough.

“I think the kids have an easier time getting back into it than the adults do but, one day at a time,” said Megan Steinecke.

But experts say getting back to the routine is good. There are ways to get 2016 started off on the right foot such as making more than just a New Year’s resolution.

“To really create some solid, long-term goals for the year and also some step-by-step smaller goals to achieve the long-term goals,” added Kranz.

Experts say there’s a difference between holiday blues and a deeper, clinical depression. If you experience severe changes in mood or loss in appetite you’re encouraged to seek help.

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