Dispute over soccer fields near Levi’s Stadium for Super Bowl 50 media center continues

SANTA CLARA (KRON) — The National Football League has been dragged into a dispute between the City of Santa Clara and its youth soccer league.

The issue is the use of the league’s soccer fields for the Super Bowl. Video showed crews digging holes in the field Monday morning to make way for a Super Bowl media center for the upcoming event.

As a result, the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League, which has a lawsuit pending against the city, is suing the NFL to stop construction of the facility, which the soccer league said will disrupt its practices, games, and will damage its fields.

The lawsuit claims the city failed to follow the process for changing its use permit for the fields, and that the media center will harm the fields and disrupt soccer games and practices for several weeks.

A Santa Clara city official told KRON its actions are protected by a long-standing contract, and the city is providing alternative fields for the soccer league’s use.

But the soccer league said those fields are not adequate and will ask a judge on Wednesday for a preliminary injunction to stop construction until a new deal is in place.

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