Senator Marco Rubio campaigns for President in HHI rally

Hundreds of people crowded the Hilton Head High School gym on Saturday afternoon, for Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio’s campaign stop. Hilton Head Island has been a popular stop for candidates, in the state famously ‘First in the South’ come primary season.

“You see the first thing I’m going to do, is put my left hand on the Bible and my right hand in the air, and I’m going to swear to protect, defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” Senator Marco Rubio told the crowd.

“I’m interested to hear of his tax plan. I think he’s got some really interesting ideas about growing the economy,” Greater Bluffton Republican Club President Joe Iaco said.

“We will fix our tax code, so it’s no longer the most cumbersome, complex, and complicated and expensive in the developed world,” Rubio told the crowd, “we’re going to cap and limit and roll back the size of federal regulations on our economy.”

Senator Rubio is one among a crowded field of GOP candidates for President; he made big promises to the Hilton Head supporters on Saturday.

“I am going to repeal every one of Barack Obama’s executive orders,” he said.

Iaco had hoped to hear of Rubio’s thoughts on national security, too.

“I think national security is on the top of everyone’s minds, so I think [candidates] have really got to be clear on how they plan to defeat ISIS,” Iaco said.

Rubio promised to strengthen military operations, end deals with Iran, and reform immigration.

“When I’m President of the United States…we will be guided by a very simple principle: if we are not 100% certain of who you are and why you are coming, you cannot come into the United States,” Rubio said.

His plan includes hiring at least 20,000 new border agents and completing 700 miles of fencing and wall on the southern border.

“We are going to have an entry-exit tracking system so that we know when people overstay visas,” he said.

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