Montgomery Co. Emergency Management Officials urge people to leave ahead of flooding threat due to overflowing Oconee River

Pictured above is the Oconee RIver in Montgomery County on Monday, December 28, 2015.


Mandatory Evacuations—

That’s what many people on the southern end of Montgomery County are facing on Monday night as officials say the Oconee River could overflow and pose a threat to the property and safety of visitors and residents.

Almost 160 people could be affected, namely on Dead River Road, Three Rivers Lane, and Towns Bluff Lane at Highway 221, officials told News 3.

Emergency management says if flooding reaches dangerous levels, they won’t have a way to reach those on outlying land, so they want everyone out.

We spoke to one man who’s visiting and says it’s going to take a lot more than this to get him to leave.

“We’re not worried about a little water…”

…That’s what Kenneth Parker told us.

Originally from Hazlehurst, Georgia…he says he comes here to relax.

“I think we’ll be okay,” Parker said.

The Dead River –an extension of the  Oconee River that is overflowing right now—is the first thing you see when you step into his backyard.

“I’m confident we don’t have to leave, because it’s never got this far up to the house yet, it’s come real close over the years, but never have we had to leave..”

And he says like most of the people who live around him, he doesn’t plan on leaving  now either…

“It’s a little scary, but um..I have a lot of faith and so I believe God will see us through this,” Parker told News 3.

And even so, Parker says he has a back-up plan:

“Well thank God we have a 2-story house, we have another floor to go to…so if it gets up that high, we’ll be okay I think!” Parker said.

…Or at least safe and dry from all of the water.

The Emergency Management Agency says the water  is expected to reach at least 22 ½ feet at the Oconee River by Wednesday—6 more feet than the river banks were safely built to hold.

Anyone with any questions is urged to called the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at: (912)-583-2321

The American Red Cross has also set-up an evacuation shelter for anyone who may need it.

It’s located at Montgomery County High School at 701-C Dobbins Street in Mount Vernon, Georgia.

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