GSU Head Coach Hire addresses Public, plans to Keep Same Offense in Play

UPDATE: Tom Kleinlein said during Saturday’s, December 26th press conference, that Tyson Summers had all the qualifications that he wanted in a new head coach. Kleinlein had four major qualities that were important when finding the new coach: One, he wanted someone who not only developed the players on the field but off the field as well. Two, a coach that had a timeline of success. Three, someone that can develop relationships, especially with Georgia high school coaches. Georgia Southern has the number one recruiting class in the Sun Belt, with a majority coming from the state of Georgia, and Kleinlein wanted the new head coach to be able to continue this trend. Fourth, the new coach needed to understand Georgia, the community and the traditions. When Kleinlein spoke to Summers, he (Kleinlein) knew Summers had all these qualities. Summers’ contract is a four year deal with a competitive salary with incentives for wins.



STATESBORO, GA – The Summers era has begun in Statesboro with Georgia Southern football introducing its new head coach to the public this weekend. First and foremost, Coach Tyson Summers says ‘yes’ he plans to keep the offense as is, but also prioritize on a culture of integrity with his players.

“The truth of the matter is, I’m ready to get to work,” says Coach Summers, who is a native south Georgian growing up in Tift County.

Addressing media, fans, friends and family on Saturday, Summers calls it a dream job.

“I am thrilled about being at a place with history and tradition and also has high expectations.”

Summers is the former Colorado State University defensive coordinator. He comes to Georgia Southern where in 2006 he served as a safeties coach. He plans to keep the current gun option based offense that he saw in this weeks Godaddy bowl shred the Bowling Green defense. Defensively, he plans to keep that fire in his players.

“A Tyson Summers defense, it better look like eleven dudes running to the ball, angry.”

Athletic director Tom Kleinlein tapped Summers for the position knowing he’ll be committed to the job and the coach’s connection to Georgia Southern football.

“The guy has been a part of Georgia Southern since the age of about seven years old. Just sat there in his interview and everything he talked about was how he was going to make this place better and how he was going to serve this place and how it was about the players, it was about Georgia Southern, it was about the community,” Kleinlein says.

Through the press conferences and seeing Southern over the week in Mobile, Summers says he’s ready to continue the school’s legacy on and off the field. He adds that he plans to not only bring in a stronger recruiting staff focusing on in state players, but also recruiting those who want to play and be in Statesboro.

“What is here is a culture, a culture of winning, a culture of having good people, and a culture of believing in this place….and I hope to continue to keep those things in line,” Summers says.

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