Beaufort community on edge after Christmas Eve shooting

Beaufort County Coroner Ed Allen identifies the Beaufort man killed on Christmas Eve as 38-year-old Henry Frazier. Frazier was found lying on the ground on Greene Street on December 24, after 9 p.m. Neighbors say they found him dying from a gunshot wound.

Beaufort Police have released no information on a suspect. This has some neighbors on edge, and the Frazier family wanting answers. Beaufort anti-violence groups, ‘Beaufort Strong’, are speaking out.

“I said, ‘boy this is the best Christmas I ever had, for you to come home and I wasn’t expecting you’,” Frazier’s mother, Joan Frazier tells NEWS 3 she told her son before he died.

“It was a pity that somebody shot him and [left] him in the street like a dog,” Frazier says.

Henry Frazier was a son and father to four children. His mother tells NEWS 3 he had been outside with his children, visiting her Beaufort home from Charleston as a surprise for Christmas, when he had been shot.

This makes the second family member Joan Frazier has lost to gun violence this year; she says in February, her grandson was shot to death.

“It makes me concerned because my grandson was killed in February at the [basketball courts] on Greene Street,” she says.

‘Beaufort Strong’ has formed as neighbors count multiple shootings in the area in recent months.

“To kill someone, alone, is awful, terrible. But to do it on Christmas Eve which is you know, a big holiday where families come together, is horrible,” ‘Beaufort Strong’ founder Stephanie Finn says. “So I just think that people don’t have the love that they’ve had at one point. You know we may not have known each other, but there was still a love for one another and we just have to bring that back to Beaufort,” she says.

Several group members have lost loved ones to violence.

“Really, you don’t have time enough to heal from one thing before something else happens…put yourself in my shoes. What if it was you, and I had answers you know, that could help you and your family. You would want me to come forward,” Tyechia Pierce says.

“My hope is that they find out who killed him and don’t let this go unpunished,” Joan Frazier says.

Beaufort Police urge anyone with information to call Investigator Raley at (843) 322-7914. Anonymous tips can be called in to Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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