Top 10 viral stories of 2015

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Shocking video of a plane crash, a mother disciplining her son and The Dress — these were just some of the stories that went viral in 2015.

  1. TransAsia Airways crash

The images were shocking and quickly spread around the world. Dash cam captured the moment a TransAsia Airways plane crashed into a shallow river in Taiwan’s capital of Taipei. Dozens of people were killed.

(AP Photo/
Llama drama (AP Photo/

2. Llama drama

Remember that day in February? When two llamas got loose and luckily were lassoed? (Say that five times fast.) The great escape happened in a Phoenix-area retirement community and unfolded live on TV. The hashtag #llamadrama quickly was born on social media.

blue black gold white dress
The Dress

3. The Dress

The next day, the Internet nearly lots its mind when a photo of a dress surfaced on Tumblr. Was it black and blue? Was it white and gold? It became a debate that took over social media and a moment many people considered getting their eyes checked.

VIDEO: Baltimore Mother Slaps Her Rioting Son (Image 1)
Mom of the Year

4. Mom of the Year

A Baltimore woman was dubbed “Mom of the Year” this April for how she disciplined her son. Toya Graham’s 16-year-old was throwing objects at police during the city riots. When she noticed it was him, she smacked him off the street. Graham received wide praise from people on social media and even the Baltimore police commissioner.

(WCBD Photo)
Abused Dog (WCBD Photo)

5. Abused dog

It was a picture that made people’s blood boil around the world. A dog named Caitlyn was found with her muzzle taped shut with electrical tape in May. North Charleston Police made an arrest in the animal cruelty case and Caitlyn began her long road to recovery. Just this week, she was featured as the “Best Survival Story of 2015” in People Magazine’s 2015 Pet Awards, Hero Pets section.

6. Singing officer

A picture of a Colorado police officer singing to a 2-year-old girl in June touched thousands of people’s hearts. Brighton Officer Nick Struck sang ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ to the child after her father was just killed in a terrible crash.

Jenner Unveils New Look for Vanity Fair (Image 1)
Call me Caitlyn

7. ‘Call me Caitlyn’

In a Vanity Fair cover article in June, the world met Caitlyn Jenner. The cover photo was taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. She shot the first pictures of Caitlyn at her Malibu house. “I’m not doing this to be interesting. I’m doing this to live,” Jenner was quoted as saying to Vanity Fair.



Hugging dogs
Hugging dogs

8. Hugging Dogs

A photo of two dogs hugging at a Georgia pet rescue in July saved them from euthanasia. The pair was scheduled to be put to sleep unless someone stepped up to rescue them. In just two hours and six minutes, the dogs were saved.

9. Breastfeeding soldiers

In September, a photo of military mothers went viral. It was taken at Fort Bliss and showed 10 mothers in uniform breastfeeding their babies. “Today I believe we made history,” the photographer said.

Starbucks Cup

10. Starbucks cup

People were up in arms this holiday season when Starbucks released its annual Christmas cup. Historically, it features a whimsical design, maybe a snowflake or two, but this year, there was nothing. Just a plain red cup. A YouTube video about it went viral, as many said it was part of a “war on Christmas.”

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