People taking advantage of warm Christmas weather in Lowcountry

It’s much warmer than you would expect for Christmas here in the Lowcountry. It’s not the same when it’s foggy and 80° outside.

Kelley Wynne and her family spent time at the Isle of Palms. “The weather is always nice and is exceptionally warm today, but it’s great to be at the beach.”

Kelley says she enjoys the warm weather, but it makes this Christmas different. “When you go to the Town Center it feels like Christmas because you can’t get a parking spot, but it doesn’t feel like Christmas here on the beach.”

In Goose Creek, the fish were biting at the fishing pond behind City Hall. Austin Nickels and his brother spent the day with their uncle, all trying to catch a fish. “Catfishing. Basically whatever we can catch.”

He also said as much as they love the warm weather, “it should be colder.”

Some people, like Eileen Cole and her friends went looking for cold temperatures. They found it at the Carolina Ice Palace. “It’s kind of ridiculous. I think it needs to be cold… We were going to meet up with our Sunday School teacher and just have a fun time because I think we need a lot of cold in our lives right now.”

Gliding across the ice even when it’s almost hot out. “It’s pretty cold and a little hard. Hopefully we won’t hit the ground. It’s a white Christmas.. this is our white Christmas.”

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