Metro to Start New “Cold Case” Unit

After nearly three years of waiting, the family of Rebecca Foley finally got some closure when police announced Wednesday they are charging three men with the 21-year-old college student’s death.

But could the case have been solved faster?

Savannah Chatham Metro Police Detective Alan Sammons tells News 3 this kind of thing happens in some investigations; investigators had long periods where lots of information was coming in, and then lulls where they got nothing.

But a new Cold Case Unit in the works could help speed up the process.

“It will give those investigators the ability to focus on those older cases or those cases that have stagnated and give the current violent crimes investigators the ability to just focus on the new or the incoming cases,” said Sammons. “No investigation into any homicide ever ends, it never stops. There is no way if you’re out there as a defendant and think you got away with it, you haven’t. At some point we will come up with the information and we will bring that case to a conclusion.”

When asked for more information, a spokesperson for the department said it’s in the very early stages of planning and more information, including when the unit could be up and running, will be available after the holidays.

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