Groups Lower Adoption Fees Hoping to Put Strays into Homes for the Holidays

SAVANNAH, GA – Pet shelters across coastal Georgia are trying to reduce the overcrowding in kennels and this year several reached a milestone in terms of pets they’ve saved.

Just before Christmas the Metro Animal Control Unit will be offering adoptions fees as low as $12 for their 12 Days of Strays campaign. In a similar push for more holiday adoptions, Coastal Pet Rescue is holding the same special for cats and kittens currently waiting for a forever home.

“We would love to have everything empty by Christmas but that’s only a couple of days and we live in reality where that may not necessarily happen,” says Coastal Pet Rescue founder and director Lisa Scarborough.

Scarborough’s rescue shelter reached a milestone this month when she and volunteers took in animals from the Bryan county animal shelter.

“In doing that we went over five hundred animals rescued for this year which is really significant because we only did two hundred and sixty three in 2014,” says Scarborough.

That 500th rescue, like many, was one Scarborough and volunteers rescued from a neighboring county shelter. Over capacity throughout the year is typical for the rescue and unfortunately for the Savannah Chatham animal control shelter as well.

“At this time the adoption floor is full and we’re probably holding around 80 to 90 dogs,” says animal control caretaker Holly Heard.

Heard and Scarborough have more than one thing in common this Christmas as the animal control shelter and Coastal Pet Rescue are reducing adoption fees to $12 in hopes that that will motivate more shelter pets to become gifts underneath the Christmas tree.

“We are hoping to get a lot more of the animals into homes and that’s not just dogs that’s cats too,” says Heard.

In the more than ten years running the rescue, Scarborough says holidays or not, they always focus on providing a safe forever home for pets being adopted. For each one she’s able to release to a family, that just means freeing up more room for another rescue.

“As soon as we can get these guys out, we can make room for more to come in.”

You can find out more about Coastal Pet Rescue and SCMPD Animal Control by visiting their websites. Animal Control’s 12 days of strays ends December 23rd.

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