Economists say December is a good month to job hunt

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — Some folks coming to the American Job Center in New London are out of work looking for a new job but there are many others who are working and looking for a better job. December may be a good time to do that.

december job search 1Often times you think of seasonal work around the holidays but this is also the peak month to hire people for permanent jobs.

“More people start a new job in the fourth quarter than any other quarter of the year,” says Patrick Flaherty an economist with the state Department of Labor.

He says more than a 100,000 people started a new job the last quarter of last year. A record high he hopes will be beat this year.december job search 3

Right now there are 72,000 job postings in Connecticut. That’s up 3 percent over last year.

“The top occupations that are being sought right now are nurses, truck drivers, retail supervisors, and computer support specialists,” says Flaherty.

According to, December is best for job seekers because there are plenty of jobs, less competition, and companies might need to fill jobs by the end of the budget year.

“Or they’ve just been procrastinating and finally decided okay we’ve got to get this position filled so we can start the new year with this person on board,” says Flaherty.

It also might be a good time for networking opportunities with holiday parties and other events happening. Plus the online magazine says hiring managers may be in better moods now.

dept of labor 1“It does seem that the number one way employers hire is through employee referrals,” says Flaherty.

Most employers in Connecticut do list their jobs through the state.

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