Bluffton PD Hosts Church Security Meeting

Since the Charleston massacre, places of worship all over the country have stepped-up security.
and the Bluffton Police held a security seminar for local churches.

The four-hour seminar focused on everything from fire safety to vandalism, all the way to shooting incidents like that seen in Charleston. speakers discussed ways that parish staff can boost safety and steps they can take to make their places less of a target for criminals. even just adding lights, security systems, and boosted police patrols can go a long way. and for some they are thankful for this opportunity.

“I think there is a need for security awareness, and I think most of us today, based on whats been happening globally, are very concerned about security. So I think its extremely valuable that people from different churches in the community attend this, certainly there is a lot to be learned from it,” said Joe Rubinos of the Church of the Cross.

The workshop focused on how to prioritize items for protection, how to assess threats and hazards, determine the likelihood of a threat to occur, identify vulnerabilities.

“Its good that we are all paying attention to it. As he said, the bad guys are going to go from place to place looking for the easiest location. If we’re all actually paying attention, all supporting one another’s security,” said Joe Ring of Grace Coastal church.

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