The Paragon Male Academy: Working to help lead youth of the Savannah in the right direction

Pictured above are students from Hubert Middle School as they work on their computer skills.


Preventing your children from going down the wrong path has always been a big concern for parents.

And with violence seemingly on the rise throughout the city, many are starting to realize that sometimes it really does “take a village'” to raise a child.

A program at Hubert Middle School is showing that the community wants to see your child succeed–as much as you do.

“When my mom said I got accepted, I got so happy!…And said…okay, well this might be a new beginning,” said Jonathan Baker, a 7th grader at the Paragon Male Academy.

The principal of the Paragon Male Academy says they take pride in giving a new beginning to dozens of young men throughout the city.

“The Paragon Academy is an all-male academy–it ranges in grades 6th-8th under regular middle school curriculum,” said Wilhelmenia Manning, the principal of Hubert Middle School and the Paragon Male Academy.

“It was a program to offset some of the violence that was happening within the community, in the Savannah area, so it was a stem off from that,” Manning said.

The program, at Hubert Middle School, helps young men become well-rounded and successful in the community.

“That is a big part of the academy—the service learning portion. That is piece that makes it different from other curriculum within the school system itself…it teaches the young men responsibility and how to give back to the community,” Manning told News 3.

Though some were hesitant about it at first, the boys say they do truly enjoy the experience.

“I’m loving all my classes, I’m in band and I’m happy to have a lot of activities I can do at the school,” Baker said.

The principal says this is the perfect age to introduce positive male role models into their lives.

“…If they can have just a little bit more structure, a little bit more intervention–it could keep them from going over into the gangs and keep them from going over in the crime or violence,” said Manning.

The principal of the Paragon Male Academy tells me they’re always looking for more mentors.

If you would like to volunteer at the Paragon Male Academy, click this link:


To find out more about some of the other programs and organizations throughout the city, click this link:

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