Southside sees Series of Car Break Ins, Metro urges car owners to be more Cautious

SAVANNAH, GA – Savannah-Chatham metro police are reporting a rash of car break ins. From downtown to Georgetown, West Savannah to the islands, car break-ins are on the rise. Following a rash of thefts around Thanksgiving, Metro police want residents to not let their guard down the rest holiday season.

“It’s a routine that you have to develop and you have to make a conscious effort to develop it,” says precinct 1 Star Corporal Crime Prevention Officer Steve Snyder.

This year alone metro is seeing 200 more car break ins than last year. They add that this time of year residents are more vulnerable than almost any other point in the year.

“They’ve got just a lot more on their minds this time of year than they normally would,” adds Snyder.

Since the beginning of December, police report upwards to 30 thefts from cars city wide. The latest rash of three reported break ins on Savannah’s south side point to organized efforts to steal according to police.

“They’ll slow role through a neighborhood with the lights out on their car any where between 11:30 and four in the morning and they’ll literally have two guys on either side of the street with a car rolling down the middle and they’re going from one driveway to the next just trying door handles until they get one that opens.”

Many of the cases reported to police involved criminals simply entering a parked, unlocked vehicle. Store parking lots, street side parking, or in your own driveway, police say at no point should you leave a car unlocked if you are away from it.

“You have to make a conscious effort each time to lock the door, you can say ‘Oh it’s only going to be a minute’ well that’s all it takes,” Snyder says.

Metro suggests car owners keep phones, iPads, jewelry and spare change out of sight. Firearms and wallets, they echo the same practice. If these things are in your car they ask drivers to make it a routine or set a reminder to always lock your car.


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