WeatherWise Kids: How Do Fronts Form?


Lets start Logan by explaining what a front is. It is a transition zone between two different air masses.  Basically, it separates warm air from cold air.

For example, a cold front has cold air that will move jn and replace warm air.  And a warm front has warm air that moves in and replaces cold air.

So when two air masses become stronger, and start to move away from where they developed, they create greater changes of temperatures over distance, and this helps to create a front.

Often you see these fronts on a weather map associated with a storm system, or area of low pressure. These storms pull warm air north ahead of the storm, and cold air south behind the storm.

And did you know we have a special word in meteorology for the formation of a front? It is called frontogenesis.

Thanks for the question Logan!

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