20 Savannah Fire recruits graduate

Savannah Fire

There are now 20 fire fighters working with the city of Savannah.

The recruit class of 2015-01 took the oath of office Friday afternoon.

They had just completed 14 weeks of intensive training, which earned each of them the nationally recognized designation of Firefighter II. Completion of the demanding academy training also earned each new firefighter additional certifications including HAZMAT Operations, Vehicle Extrication, Technical Rescue and 1st Responder.


Below is an alphabetical list of the new Savannah firefighters:


Robert Ancell

Andrew Atkins

Jaron Bishop

Pierce Borras

Scott Boudreau

Quintin Braimah

Matthew Caples

Sean Chapman

Eric Harries

Matthew Maringola

Mark McEwen

Dewayne McKibban

Matthew Miraglis

Dean Petri

Andrew Robinson

Audrius Smaginas

Courtney Tucker

Thomas Turner

Anthony Ursillo

Nicholas Zbikowski

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