Calls for the Citadel’s President to resign

The National Action Network will hold a news conference Friday calling for the president of the Citadel to resign.

This comes after images surfaced of students dressed in KKK-like outfits.

The president of the military college suspended the students after viewing the pictures.

Retired U.S. Air Force Lt General John W. Rosa released a statement saying “A social media posting, which I find offensive and disturbing, was brought to my attention this morning. It shows an upper class cadet in front of seven cadets with pillowcases over their heads. In accordance with college policy, we immediately began suspension proceedings for those cadets known to be involved, and we are continuing to investigate this incident. Preliminary reports are cadets were singing Christmas carols as part of a “Ghosts of Christmas Past” skit.  These images are not consistent with our core values of honor, duty and respect.”

Friday’s news conference begins at 11:00am in front of the entrance to the Citadel.

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