U.S. Marshal’s Help Take Violent Criminals Off Savannah Streets

On the streets of Savannah, Metro Police have their hands full trying to curb the violent crime wave, especially gun violence.

But they do have some help from a federal agency that’s here to provide backup; the U.S. Marshal Service does a lot of what you might consider “the dirty work,” their job is to grab the suspects in violent crimes to help other agencies who might not have the manpower, resources or the time.

“We partner with Savannah Metro, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office as well as other state and local law enforcement agencies to help them take their violent criminals off the street and on a daily basis that’s what we do,” said Supervisory Inspector for the US Marshal’s Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, Stewart Cottingham. “It allows the lead agency to basically concentrate on the investigation while we go out there and catch the bad guys.”

Representatives from several local agencies actually work at the satellite office with the Marshals as a direct link from their departments, and Cottingham told News 3 on a yearly basis they arrest hundreds of potentially dangerous, violent fugitives.

“This is resulting in thousands of state and local violent criminals being taken off the streets here in the southern district of Georgia, specifically in the Savannah Metro area.”

There has been some talk on social media that additional Marshal’s are being brought into our area to help; but as of right now Cottingham said that’s not true.

There are fifteen marshals stationed in our satellite office here and they’ll continue to work on overdrive to help slow down and end the violence on our streets.

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