A Sci-Fi Spa Break

In their lifetime they’ve shot down 22 Nazi warplanes, more than 30 V1 flying bombs, sunk one submarine and introduced rock and roll to the teenagers of Britain.  Now almost 70 years later, the Red Sands Forts in the Thames Estuary could live again as a complex of luxury hotels.

When it comes to this blog, it’s not always about weather.  It’s often is about the environment, including ways to make old things new again… recycle with a twist.  Well, Peter Shadbolt of CNN recently wrote an article that fits this category perfectly.

So check these things out…  a series of connected platforms for anti-aircraft guns built in 1943.  They were dubbed Maunsell Forts after the wartime designer Guy Maunsell.  They are rather bizarre looking structures.  They were built to fight German warplanes during World War II.

It was later in the 1960s that they were used to host pirate radio stations.

Today, they are simply rusting war relics.

Business consultant David Marriot Cooper says he wants to make them into luxury hotels.


Cooper got in touch with a group of architects, and they came back with drawings for a 44-room hotel, which would include sundecks and terraces, a museum, a helipad and a landing jetty for a hovercraft.  The project would cost about $61 million to complete.

(source:  CNN)

(source video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIYNJ3Lwftg)




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