Operation New Hope Hosts Pet Adoption

Courtesy Greater Savannah Humane Soc.

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA – The Greater Savannah Humane Society partners with the Chatham County Detention center for a four week period placing dogs in the cells of inmates.

It’s an effort to train the dogs more or less known to be unruly. It also provides inmates with positive social interaction and training of their own in communication and pet ownership.

This weekend the 38th class of the program held it’s official adoption event. Humane society members want potential new owners to know these dogs set themselves apart from normal shelter animals due to the training they are given to become more responsive and obedient to owners.

“It’s a great feeling especially when we come walk out here and people are waiting for us already, lined up to come and get these dogs it’s an awesome thing. We’re so proud of the guys and what they have accomplished with the dogs just in a four weeks span and so it’s really great that the adoption is a success,” says Jennifer Messer with the Humane Society.

To learn more about the Operation New Hope dogs that will be available for adoption at this special event, visit www.humansocietvsav.org or www.chathamsheriff.org.

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