Local Woman Donates Sports Chairs to Disabled Vets

SAVANNAH, GA – Christmas came early to four disabled veterans this weekend in the form of new wheelchairs. The wheelchairs were presented at Armstrong State University by the Republican party Veterans Affairs Committee.

Veterans served to ensure our freedom. They give a lot including in some cases their health to support our country. For some, the injuries they suffer can cripple their personal freedoms. That’s where a statewide effort and the generosity of one Savannah native rolls out some help, and hope.

“This is one of the most greatest experience that has hit my life being able to receive this today,” says retired disabled veteran Jonathan Tubbs of Atlanta.

A set of four donated sports wheelchairs are giving a new lease on life for four disabled vets.

“It’s basically freedom too of being able to get out an be outside the home without someone having to be with you and constantly look over you,” says Bogart resident and retired injured vet Mark Sikes.

The chairs not only improve mobility but the experiences of going on the beach, going hunting, and even sports competitions. All made possible thanks to Edith Lanier.

“I feel great that I was able to give and that’s the only thing that can say. I’ve been wanting to do this for more than a year and now I have finally given them something the they can use and get out of their house,” says Lanier who turns 90 next week.

Tubbs discovered the National Veteran Wheelchair Games a year ago. He was only able to compete in a few events, but now with a new chair he’s grateful and ready to hit the track.

“It’s the greatest joy I can think of and that way when I go next year or in between now and next year I’ll be doing all kinds of small competitions getting myself ready for the big event,” says Tubbs.

Sikes has already collected honors from the games. he says the wheelchair competitions help him cope with PTSD and a now equipped with a new chair his competitive juices are flowing.

“Two years in a row I’ve took the silver medal. I’m hoping it puts me over the top for the gold,” says Sikes.

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